The full Review Of Game Of Gladiators And Its Theme

 Start an exciting adventure with Game of Gladiators baccarat malaysia, a video slot created by leading provider of Play’n GO apps. Inside a five-winning and 20-winning Matrix you will compete for lovely awards up to 5,000x your stake. Betting starts at $0.20 and is $100 per spin on top of the ceiling. The game has been designed to be enjoyed by smartphone players as it behaves like a charm on handheld Android or iOS smartphones.

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The game looks amazing with all the specifics that suit the style of the game. This slot is laden to the edge of the winning potential with bonus features. As for the RTP of the game, 96.42%, but can range from one casino to another.


Game of Gladiators Theme As its name means, Ancient Roman themed slot is the Game of Gladiators. Do not skip the chance to spin the rolls of this fantastically crafted slot to give its players an immersive gaming experience if you have the heart of a fighter. The reels are positioned against the backdrop of the dungeons of the gladiator, with blazing torches on both ends of the grid. The symbols compliment the game, since they represent different gladiators.

You would be pulled straight into the battleground with the sound following the slot. Often worth noting is the presentation of the game and its spirit.


Players have to land 3, 4 or 5 similar symbols on a payline to win a cash prize. There are separate payouts for all marks, which are often specified by the wager scale. You must risk high, win big in other words. The wild tiger is the premium icon in the game since it costs 25x for a payline bet of 5. The wild is also the usual equivalent for all other symbols except dispersion.

The medium paying icons are the depictions of gladiators. A gross reward of 20 times the bet is charged by Gladiator Scissor, whereas a payout is paid up to 150 times by the Gladiator Provocator. Murmillo Gladiator and Retiarius Gladiator all come with a maximum 100x wager winning opportunity.

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The low paid card icons include the Ace, the King, the Queen and the Jock as regular. The As and the King are paid 2.5 times the wager while the Queen and the Jack are paid a sum of 1x the amount. The game is also dispersed by Portcullis, and is only seen on reels 1, 3 and 5. It activates the Join the Arena function we’ll talk about in the following paragraphs.

Jackpots and Variations

Game of Gladiators Game of Gladiators provides a range of fascinating bonus features and the Jackpots through convention on the lane. You will find the mystery features of Primus automatically activated during the base game. Those are:

  • Fame function – a specific gladiator emblem is paid out by the Fight Paytable (read more);
  • Spear Attack – adds up to 6 tiger wildlife on bobbins
  • The first reel is copied to 2 to 4 other reels. Sword Attack feature: This helps players to have a full screen of the same symbols
  • Net Attack – players earn a respiration for all matches


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