Friday, February 12, 2016

Mabel Madison Valentine's Tour: Showing off Stenzo's Ladybugs

I'm back!! It's been a good two month-or-so break from blogging, but I'm jumping back in with a stop on the Mabel Madison Valentine's Day Blog Tour!

I was provided with a yard of Stenzo's Ladybugs on White cotton poplin for my post, and I have to say - I'm impressed. Having sewn with quilting cotton for most of my 5 sewing years, I am thrilled with the quality of poplin - particularly this Euro stuff. ;) The softness. The crispness. (No, it's not contradictory. Buy some and find out for yourself.)

I'll hold the lollipops, but only if I can eat one.
I wanted to show off some of poplin's versatility and use it a few different ways. (My buddy is sick, and wouldn't do all the modeling for me, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad.)

First up is the Library Cardigan from Little Lizard King. Poplin's role in this garment was simple - I "hacked" the front piece (literally) to create a separate pocket out of the ladybugs! You don't even miss the knit there. ;) With all the solid red around it, I love how the print stands on its own, even in such a small space.

Second we have the Patterns for Pirates "Cpt. Comfort Jeans". One of my very favorite woven pants patterns for little guys, these jeans offered a few spots for the poplin to showcase details - the pockets, for a peek on the outside, but also the entire lining!

I used a fine corduroy for the outer layer of the pants. Now, I love corduroy, and how it looks on little ones, but I don't always love how the inside of it feels. Enter Stenzo's poplin. It's crisp enough to hold its own against the stiffer corduroy, but the softness ensures comfort even on babies. And the roll-up cuff option on the pants, showing off that lining?? Adorable!

What's more adorable, the ladybug lining or the baby toes??
Last but not least - E+M Patterns' Shirt No.22.  This pattern is written for knits, but I just knew that using the poplin for one side of the front would work out just fine! The neckband, back, sleeves, and the other half of the front are all knit, and the poplin has just enough give that the one side isn't weirdly stiff. I made sure to get that zigzag close to the edge, so it wouldn't fray - but this poplin is nice like that, too. Even though I was too lazy to pull out my Ginghers, it still wasn't unraveling after being cut with my cheap Fiskars. ;) The edges stayed nice and clean!

So there you have it! A mix-and-matchy-Valentiney-not-heartsy (yes, I'm taking some creative license with my vocab, there) outfit to show off the wonders of Stenzo's poplin! Now go grab some. ;) Stenzo can be found here, Verhees (more AWESOME prints!) here!

Be sure to check out all the awesome series participants to get lots of inspiration!

  Are you crafting for Valentine's Day? Join the fun on Instagram with hashtag ‪#‎mabelmadisonmakers‬. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a $10 Mabel Madison Gift Card. It's the perfect way to be a ‪#‎mabelmadisonmaker‬! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Filles à Maman: Petit Oiseau Pattern Tour

I love Petit Oiseau (Little Bird)!

At the time it was in testing, I wasn't able to, so when I saw the call for this tour I just had to sign up. As always, Mel's instructions are thorough, the pattern pieces perfect, and the finished product - well, just look at it!

Layered printing is an option, and the pattern features no-trim pages, which makes putting it all together very quick! Also, there is a printing guide, which means you only have to print off the pages you need, the size(s) you need, and you don't even have to prep them to put it all together. Win-win-win! Pattern is available in French and English, and has metric and imperial measurements.

The pattern is a casual dolman style tee, with an optional flounce for long or short sleeves.
I let Natalie pick the view she wanted - she chose long sleeve, which is good because it's cold here, and no flounce. She's into casual right now, I guess! ;) Petit Oiseau can be dressed up or down, depending on your style choice and fabric used.

The pattern is written for knit fabrics with at least 30% stretch, though the flounce can be done with woven fabrics. Just think of the possibilities...

I'm lazy creative so I didn't hem my sleeves or - well, the hem. Instead, I cut fringes - they're kind of like feathers, don't you think? The leopard print needed something wild. ;) I used the solid white contrast to tone things down a little, and we both love it. She even requested to wear it to sleep, which is funny because normally if it's not "matching pajamas" she wants nothing to do with it at bedtime!

Petit Oiseau comes in a large size range, from 12-18 months to 14 years! It's one of those patterns that can look great on babies and tweens/teens both, so it's really a great value. Plus, Petit Oiseau is on sale for the duration of the tour from the Filles à Maman site for $6 - no code needed! 

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Still with me? Now you can enter the giveaway for a chance at an amazing prize: One lucky winner will win it all - a pattern (or patterns) from all of the sponsors listed below!

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Sponsors-Petit Oiseau Blog tour Jennuine designs (1 pattern of choice)- Petit à Petit Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Paisley Roots (Saffron Dress and All Spice patterns)- Jalie (1 pattern of choice)- Sofilantjes (1 pattern of choice)- Call Ajaire (1 pattern of choice)- Knot Sew Normal (1 pattern of choice)- Momma Quail Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Duck Butt Designs (1 pattern of choice)- The Wolf and the Tree (1 pattern of choice)- Laela Jeyne Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Kelly J Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Golden Rippy (1 pattern of choice)- Dandelions 'n' Dungarees (1 pattern of choice)- FABulous Home sewn (1 pattern of choice)- Bishy Barnababes -(1 pattern of choice) Filles à Maman (3 patterns of choice).

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gracious Threads' New Look Tour: Rainbow Remix and Lazy Loungin' Little

 Gracious Threads has a new look, and I'm here on the New Look tour to show you a couple "new looks" of my own - twists on familiar, fun Gracious Threads patterns.

Natalie's asked me for rainbow clothing a few different times, and I was never really inspired by anything. But as soon as I started thinking of a "new look" for the Rainbow Tee, I knew just what I wanted. I cut a solid back, and a pieced front from the same solid black jersey. I got it at the thrift store, so fiber content and all that is unknown, but it's sooo soft and comfortable feeling!

I initially wanted to do piping, but then I worried that it might be too stiff to play well with the jersey. So I just cut strips (straight across, I didn't even think about the bias) of a few different colors - not a literal interpretation of a rainbow, exactly, but enough that it's clear what I'm going for!

Piecing the front together was fun, even though I had to be careful to get the pieces lined up right! I cut the armscyes out further to make a sort of extended "built in" cap sleeve, for simplicity, and I love how it turned out. Natalie thinks it's a lot of fun too (it was COLD outside, but she was a trooper) and loves how she can flip the "stripes" up and down - a little interactive clothing never hurt anyone.

The other pattern I knew I wanted a "new look" from was the Lazy Days Lounge Pants. I've been eyeing them since they were in testing, but my boy isn't big enough for the pattern yet, and he's the one I really wanted it for! So - I took matters into my own hands, and dropped it down a couple of sizes for him!

Pants are something I can't keep enough of for him - no sooner do I make a few pairs than he's grown into the next size. I love easy, simple lounge type pants for babies, especially when it's cold out. These ones definitely fit the bill! I left the pockets off, since he's not inclined to use them anyway, and I love the simple style on him!

A whole bunch of other bloggers have been making and inspiring with new looks over the past week: if you missed any, click the links below to check them out!

Did you notice that graphic at the top? 40% off all Gracious Threads patterns right now - doesn't the new shop look amazing? (Don't forget your coupon code!) And if that's not enough, you can win a copy of any one Gracious Threads pattern of your choice - just leave a comment below, and let me know which one you'd pick! (Not sure? Go look over the shop again!)

The tour is over November 29th, so I'll pick a winner that night and notify on November 30th!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Momma Quail Pattern Tour: Sewing for Ethan!

I love, love, love my friend Amy's patterns. Boy sewing definitely isn't boring with them - each pattern is classic and timeless, but Amy adds so many little details and fun twists that the "classic" is reinvented and fresh. (Girls aren't left out, either - there are girl patterns, like I showed off here, and most of them are unisex anyway!)

When my son was born after two daughters, I had to go in an entirely different direction than I had been, sewing-wise. I told Amy she was my "boy sewing guru", and it's never been more true than now! Even though the Timmy Top doesn't go to baby sizes, I was easily able to size it down, and it's ADORABLE!

I tested the Timmy Top for my daughter, and I love it on both boys and girls. The details are so cool, with the little shoulder patches and contrast stripes (seen on Natalie's top - I left them off of Ethan's, since the shoulders were corduroy and bulkier already).

The Calvin Cargoes go to a size 18m, and that turned out to fit him quite well - they are a slim fit, and though I maybe should have shortened them, I don't mind that they're too long. They'll look cute rolled and cuffed, too, and he's busy growing as fast as he can!

Again, options - I left off all but the front pockets, since he's so little and can't enjoy the fun of the amazing little cargo pocket - with a zipper and separate velcro closure flap, kids can use the roomy pocket to keep any number of treasures safe!

The little "veterinarian" lab coat is from a little while ago, when I helped in testing the Fix It All Coveralls and Coat pattern. Intended as a costume pattern, the Fix It Alls have some of everything - lab coat, pieced or non pieced, coveralls with hood, collar, mandarin collar, a number of pocket name it, it's probably there.

I'm currently working on a snow suit using the Fix It Alls - I'm a sloooow sewist on this project, but I think some of it must be in my head - if I don't finish it, it can't snow, right? RIGHT?? I love that it's a costume pattern, but can be used for any practical application as well! (Courtney made an awesome coat during testing, if you needed convincing!)

Follow the tour this week, soak up the inspiration, and head over to the Etsy shop for 30% off (biggest sale this year!) MQPATTERNTOUR is your coupon code!


Still reading? Good! Now you can enter the giveaway for a Momma Quail pattern of your choice! There will be three lucky winners when the tour is over, so keep your eyes open!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Thimble Vol. 9 Tour

It's time for another One Thimble blog tour! Volume 9 is here, with 14 (!) patterns and a ton of useful, interesting, and fun articles!

So what's new in year two? The patterns are at the back of the magazine, which means no hunting through the pages for pieces. Included in this 2nd birthday issue are six children's clothing patterns:

Carnival Jacket
Ringmaster Top
Ringmaster Pants
Cross Bow Dress
Pseudo Smocked Romper
Timeless Treasures Skirt

two accessory patterns:

Statement Clutch
Good Fortune Headwrap

and six toy/feltie/applique patterns:

Vincent the Victor FMA
Trapeze Eloise FMA
Festive Felties (requires handsewing)
Cheeky Monkey Softie
Vintage Circus Sit Upons
Circus Toss Game

Wow! I chose a few clothing patterns to sew, since that's my favorite - though that Circus Toss Game may have to make an appearance for Christmas or birthday parties!

I made a matching outfit out of the Ringmaster Top and the Ringmaster Pants. I love that my girls are so close in size, because they can actually both wear the same outfit - though my oldest makes a much better model!

Rather than ruffles, I found some great yellow pompom trim and I think with the fun stripes it makes the whole outfit pop!

Then with some red corduroy, I made a Carnival Jacket. The exposed facing on the collar is a neat detail, and it was so easy to pop in some little contrasting inseam pockets as well - Natalie loves pockets! I'm working on another right now for Sam, and these jackets will be part of their Christmas gifts, for those random warm days the Wyoming winter likes to throw our direction!

I stayed up LATE reading the magazine - didn't want to put it down and go to bed! So many of the articles are things I need to learn or work on - how to insert an invisible zipper? On my to-do list! How to get perfect points with Half Square Triangles? Must learn! How to get your sew-jo back? I'm sure we all suffer from the "lack of inspiration" sewing blues - I know I do!

 There are even tutorials for I-Spy bags (super fun for kids at doctor appointments or even if you're stuck in traffic and they're kicking the back of your seat from boredom!) and a Hoop Tent.

Trending fabrics, how to photograph stunning flatlay photos for Instagram or sale posts, an article on fussy's all current, relevant, and needed for the home business owner who wants to step up their skills. With the Rafflecopter below, you can enter to win a copy of this amazing issue - or a refund, if you just couldn't wait and bought it already! ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need more previews? Follow our tour as we cover the issue and give you sneak peeks of the wonderful patterns hidden in the pages - oh wait, no they're not, they're all handily in the back waiting to be printed off!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Swoodson Says Pattern Tour: Little Collector Backpack

I'm so pleased to be a part of the Swoodson Says Pattern Tour! 

My friend Stephanie designed a wonderful, useful, FUN backpack for kids, and though I primarily sew clothing (with a stuffed toy thrown in here and there) I knew I had to give it a try. Though I was intimidated by the idea, I was quickly turned around after reading through the pattern. Each step is clearly written out and illustrated with photos to leave no guesswork for the sewist - all measurements are provided up front, so there is no hunting through the pattern for anything!

I can honestly say I had a lot of fun sewing this little backpack! It went together far more quickly than I had expected, and I don't know why I waited so long to try it out! Every seam is finished inside and out so there are nothing but pretty edges showing everywhere.

The pattern is written to be made with mesh for the bottom and pocket (if you wish) but I used PUL, as it's coming on winter here and I thought a semi-water resistant bag might be nice for the bus or at the park (when we venture out!) I do have a nice piece of mesh waiting for a summertime bag, though...I'm dreaming. ;)

I love that the pattern includes professional details - the neat foldover pocket inside; enclosed seams on the bottom; a pickup handle on the top; and the straps are adjustable! They're not scary at all, either - the pattern shows you just how to put them together, and it's so easy! 

The  Little Collector Backpack is the perfect size for a box of snacks for an autumn trek, and there's plenty of room for rocks, sticks, and other treasures!

Here are all the other stops on the tour - if you missed one, go check it out! Stephanie has a great collection going of beautiful handmade toy patterns for your littles - and it's just the right timing for Christmas sewing! (If you want a preview of what you're getting with Swoodson Says patterns, Stephanie even has a couple of freebies to try first!)

Monday, November 9th: Friends Stitched Together / Sew Happily Ever After / The Crazy Tailor Tuesday, November 10th: Felt With Love Designs / Sew Not Perfect / House of Estrela Wednesday, November 11th: Lulu & Celeste / Handmade Boy / Rebel & Malice
  Thursday, November 12th: Rebel & Malice / create3.5 / Free Notion
  Friday, November 13th: Paisley Roots / The Wholesome Mama / Amazing Adventures With Bubba and Bug / Thread Riding Hood / Hugs are Fun

Annnddd, if you're feeling lucky? (Or even if you're not, you never know!) Enter to win all four Swoodson Says patterns!

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